Silvia Rosiana Dewi

Silvia Rosiana Dewi

Artist Profile
Full Name: Silvia Rosiana Dewi
Nickname: Silvia
Birth Year: 1995
Art Experience: 3 years
Art Specialty: Visual Art
IG: @silfreea

Drawing has been my passion since Silvia was little, however she was more focused on sports instead deepening her skills on her art skills. During college, she took a major in Biology Education, then worked as a teacher. Currently she is working as an employee in a educational based foundation.

Art for her is an expression of feelings, thoughts, and imagination, a role that she can take part of to contribute more. Since she started out as a self-taught, she finds difficult to find the right composition for a design, both in terms of color, size, and the shape of the elements to be made. The most frequent obstacle is the length of the process, due to the limited tools I use to design.

During the Covid 19 pandemic hit, she thought of learning something new, and took part in many design competition that are held online. She’s extremely grateful to have been chosen as the winner of the Trukefi’s Illustation Competition. Additionally, she’s ecstatic when she see her arts being printed and worn by others.

“Imagine your work being used by you” – creating something beautiful and attractive is what Silvia always dream of. Carefully selected cultur and depiction on the beauty of Bungong Jeumpa in Aceh that contributed to her to participate in promoting and preserving Indonesian culture.