Samuel Joan Parasian Siregar

Samuel Joan Parasian Siregar

The Artist Profile

Full Name: Samuel Joan Parasian Siregar

Nickname: SamJP

Birth Year: 1996

Art Experience : 6 years

Art Specialty: Digital Illustration

IG: @sam_srg96

The Artist Story

Born and raised in North Sumatra, due to parent’s job, his family often moved around, which made him grow up with a variety of different cultural influences. One culture that sticks out the most to him is still the Toba Batak culture. In 2014, he went to college to the city of Medan and majored in Fine Arts Education at Medan State University. He started to pursue the world of painting at first with the concept of Toba Batak culture. Now he works as a teacher of Fine Arts at Calvin Christian School, Jakarta, and still open as a freelance for personal artwork commission. His inspirations to become an artist started from his college professor who gave him the supports and enthusiasm for each of his project. After finishing college, he went to create as much art work possible, and making his passion as his job. He particularly specialized Toba Batak design, because he believes that this artwork is the most alive creation that can be passed on through generations.


Get To Know Our Artist

An interview with Samuel – An Inspiration for Young Artists

Gorga Twilly

Gorga Twilly

Silk Satin Printed Twilly

Available in 2 colors : Brown and Red

Size: 5 x 100cm

Design by Indonesia local artist, Samuel

Manufactured in Indonesia Design inspired by the intricate pattern of Medan culture, North Sumatra

The Story Behind

Morphology of Gorga In this intricate design lies the values of gorga itself. Gorga Ulu Paung symbolizes a wise and strong leadership. Gorga Sitompi symbolizes an eternal relationship. Gorga Simeol-eol is the symbolism of eternal beauty. Gorga Ipon-ipon as the border sides gives the value of balance. All of these symbols are the combination of positive attitude that each human needs to have, also as well as things that should be maintained and upheld in every practice, starting from the attitude of leadership towards oneself and others which cannot be separated from policies, attitudes in maintaining relationships and bonds between humans and nature that are eternal, and in the end being able to become beauty in life.