Ray Lidya Prayogo

Ray Lidya Prayogo

The Artist Profile

Full name: Ray Lidya Prayogo

Nickname: Ray Lidya

Birth year: 1997

Art experience : 3 years

Art speciality: Visual Art

Instagram: @raylidya

The Artist Story

She had her interest in arts from her days in primary school. Although she loves it, her ability to draw was less than average. She used to draw stickman, and has envied to see her friend’s painting exhibited and admired by many. Fortunately that friend happened to be her seatmate, giving her the opportunity to see how she painted. By observing attentively and practicing, she finally gets to exhibit her own painting in front of the class. The satisfaction she received has made her motivated to continue drawing as her hobby, which later opened pathways for her to join competitions.

As she was searching for her passion, she wanted to further study arts and design as it implements arts and its functions. In the beginning she was not sure with her decisions, until she finally took the chance by attending Binus University and chose visual communication design. Both of her parents are very supportive of her work, and she is very grateful to them.

She believes that visual has been part of her communication, a way to destress,and show the most honest side of her.

Although she loves the freedom and ideas being communicated around the visual media, as it combines into professionalism, it takes time and imagination to put into ideas, and sometimes it can get stressful. Consistency and disciplines can be mentally draining especially when emotions take place.

Over the years of her career, she had been continuously working in a few exhibitions, creating arts, and expanding her knowledge to improve.

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