Prabu Kirana Aditama Putra

Prabu Kirana Aditama Putra

Artist Profile
Full Name: Prabu Kirana Aditama Putra
Nickname: Aditt / ATM
Art Experience : 2013 until now
Art Specialty:
IG: @aadhhittyaa ( Main Account )
@masaaditt_ ( Drawing Illustration )
@designversebyatm ( Surfaces Pattern design )

Starting out from childhood with a hobby to draw, Adit then began his art journey by participating in many competitions from school days until his teenage years. He entered the creative industry since 2015, where he had worked in one of the Italy’s textile design studios that is situated in Indonesia. A year after, he began exploring various social activities related to art.

A little fun fact, the time he worked, his previous boss had a trouble pronouncing his name, thus he changed the name Prabu to the new his stage name as Aadhhittyaa / Aditt.

As he seen many of his friends have chosen to work many other fields such as mathematicians, or medicine, he then chose to become an activist in the art field. Making an impact in his artwork is something that he truly sincerely believes. The happiness and achievement he felt is when he can inspire others with his design, because a good design should be preserved.

Local culture needs to be adapted to a new variety, creating space and design that help inspire both visual and stories in preserving the culture.