Nazhwa Princessa Alifia Putri

Nazhwa Princessa Alifia Putri

The Artist Profile

Full Name: Nazhwa Princessa Alifia Putri

Nickname: Alifia

Birth Year:  2004

Art Experience: 4 years

Art Specialty: Art Fashion

IG: @eunpap_

The Artist Story

Since childhood, she has always been interested in fashion and clothing, when she was growing up, she chose to enter a Vocational School majoring in Fashion Design and continued my studies majoring in Fashion Design. As of now, she’s studying at IKJ majoring in fashion design. Her biggest inspiration on this journey is her family. By far the most difficult obstacle is finances, because going to school in this field requires a large funds. Despite all that, she’s extremely grateful and joyful doing what she truly like, especially she’s quite passionate with fashion early on. What she was thinking at the time creating Trukefi design is the diversity of Indonesian culture, with hope that Indonesian culture will be recognized again among young people, and hopefully people will enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Indonesia’s cultural diversity.

Get To Know Our Artist

An interview with Alifia – New Generation of Artist

Gorga Twilly

Gorga Twilly

Silk Satin Printed Twilly

Size: 5 x 100cm

Design by Indonesia local artist, Alifia

Manufactured in Indonesia

Design inspired by one of the most famous Batik pattern originated from Cirebon

The Story Behind

The Jewel of West Java This

design depicts the Jaipong Dance combined with Mega Mendung Batik. Jaipong dance is an art originating from West Java, symbolizes a bridge for mutual understanding, especially for the Sundanese people or people in West Java. The Jaipong dance itself represents Sundanese women who are friendly, brave, energetic, resilience, independent, responsible, and charismatic and yet well-mannered. Jaipong is said to be present as a rejection of the old stereotypes of Sundanese women are generally lazy, and easily give up. Sampur is the main property in dancing the Jaipong Dance, represented in a long cloth worn by dancers as a tool for dance movement and is also often used to invite the audience to get on stage. Meanwhile, Batik Mega Mendung means that every human being must be able to hold back anger at himself when he is in a downturn, sad or depressed. Always try to be wise under any circumstances like a cloudy cloud that can cool down the atmosphere. In Indonesia, we have many differences in the field of art and art sometimes becomes a bridge for people to understand each other and understand themselves.

Tutorial Megamendung Twilly