Josephine Liliani

Josephine Liliani

 The Artist Profile

Full Name: Josephine Liliani

Nickname: Yesi

Birth Year: –

Art Experience: 7 years

Art Specialty: Semi Realism

IG: @Liliani_yesi

The Artist Story

She loves to draw. She has been practicing to draw since young, from paper to digital art. Many artists on instagram have inspired her. Her challenge was when she experienced art block, causing her determination to lose focus. When she is working on a project, she values the praise and support from friends and family. During the process of searching for an inspiration, she searched about a culture that was almost extinct, that where she found Betawi Mask Dance. Although it was believed as a ritual to cease away bad lucks, people nowadays just see it as simply a form of entertainment. There she found her style by creating the magic and colors of the Betawi mask dance.

Get To Know Our Artist

An interview with Yesi – Young Artist in the work

Tari Topeng Scarf

Tari Topeng Scarf

Silk Satin Printed Scarf

Size: 90 x 90cm

Design by Indonesia local artist, Yosephine

Manufactured in Indonesia

Design inspired by Betawi mask dances who performed dance and drama of Betawi people in Jakarta

The Story Behind

Vibrant Colors of Betawi Mask Dance Betawi Mask Dance is one the characteristic of Betawi culture, according to the history, this dance is the symbolism of light that help cease away bad luck. On modern days, this dance is now simply a form of entertainment, since many do not practice the ritual anymore. The artist uses many vibrant colors, with the purpose to show the visualization of the magical mask dancers. Rumyang mask is illustrated with the pink colored mask, while Tumenggung is illustrated on red color. This border is filled with vibrant color and borders similar to Batik Betawi.



Tutorial Tari Topeng