Wayang Twilly

Wayang Twilly

Silk Satin Printed Twilly

Size: 5 x 100cm

Design by Indonesia local artist, Ray

Manufactured in Indonesia

Design inspired by the classic love story of Rahma and Sinta depicted in a form of puppet theatre play called Wayang.


The Story Behind

The Epic Love Story of Rama and Sinta Wayang is one form of Indonesia traditional puppet theatre which is highly popularized in the Indonesian island of Java. The character featured in this wayang twilly are Rama, Sinta, Rahwana, and Wibisana. The depiction of triangle love story begins with Rama, Sinta and Rahwana.

Rahwana is the king of Alengkadireja, the conquerer of the dark, he is known to have 10 pairs of hands that can show unlimited arrogance and demands. However, likewise, everyone has their dark and light side. He is known to have been loyal to love one only Dewi Winowati, who reincarnated to be Sinta. Fate says otherwise, Sinta is now married to Rama, as he won the campaign from the Ayodya King. Blinded with love, Rahwana chose to kidnap Sinta, arrived in his kingdom, he treats her like a queen and waited patiently for her love. Rama, on the other hand, never once went to rescue her, which then lead to the biggest war. The war has consumed betrayal of love between Rama and Sinta, questioning the virtue of Sinta. She proved it by putting herself burned on fire, showing to Rama that she is untouched and virtuous. Wibisana is the brother of Rahwana, the whistle blower of the kingdom, contributing to the victory of Rama.

Moral of the story is that each of us has both dark and light side, what matters is what we choose to act, that’s how we really are.